Mole Guru

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We are dedicated to digital content recognition with automatic classification and labeling.

We automatically and efficiently classify specialized texts achieving expert classification quality according the thematic rules in the application field.

We obtain text classification quality at scale, with KPIs that exceed expert teams work.

We offer tools that facilitate seamless integration of our services with all kind of environments, technologies and workflows.

Our products allow you to achieve the Index-Copilot ecosystem that your organization needs.

Digital content Index-Copilot

This online tool classifies automatically and efficiently specialized texts. We achieve expert classification quality at large scale and according to the thematic rules of your field of application. With Mole guru Index-Copilot, document classification achieves:

  • Speed, by assigning or proposing terms automatically for each document.
  • Consistency, because terms suggested by the Index-Copilot are consistent. Some are very specific and others more general. Diversity of terms in the available vocabulary are used more assertively.
  • Continuous improvement, people accept or reject the suggested terms, which gives feedback to the system to improve future proposals.


Automatic Classifier of Specialized Publications

Specialized publications (medical, legal, science in general) where digital document classification is made by the author and refers to specific subjects, face the challenge that cataloging of digital resources must be effective.

Assertive thematic description of specialized texts allows:
  • more effective document recovery
  • websites thematic navigation
  • exploration paths that retain and guide the user
  • semantic interoperability with communities of practice in the same domain of specialization
  • obtain thematic statistics (about what they publish, which topics are most viewed or are of greatest interest).
Integrating of Mole guru Index-Copilot with tools like OJS facilitates a productive, transparent and efficient management flow articulation in specialized publications.


Automatic Classifier in Digital Repositories

In the process of facilitating services for end users, this solution allows digital repository managers to take advantage of the facilities of the Mole guru Index-Copilot to propose tags and keywords when uploading a document into your digital repository.
Integrating Mole guru Index-Copilot with well-known tools such as DSpace, Omeka and others streamlines document management processes and radically improves the conceptual integrity of the digital repository.


Knowledge as added value

Easily integrate expert language into your digital services. Searches, contextual menus, assisted management.
We have a set of tools that allow the seamless integration of thesaurus, ontologies and taxonomies with all types of environments and applications. Facilitates the exploitation of language service infrastructures.


Diego Ferreyra

Librarian, linguist and computer developer in knowledge management field.

Gabriel Kulevicius

Systems analyst, developer and implementer of high availability online environments.