Mole guru Index-Copilot platform provides online wizard services for expert text classification.

It focuses on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) domains. It uses a variety of algorithms and data preprocessing techniques to identify the meaning of a text.

Mole guru is capable of creating predictive models and performing deep learning algorithms. This allows you to improve the accuracy and flexibility of your Index-Copilot.



Our Index-Copilot articulates components and processes for automated text labelling. It is a workflow that achieves efficient results through adaptable, limited and fast management cycles.

Model training

The first step is to build a set of tagged documents for fast and efficient model training. We have different analysis modules that allows selecting terms and entity extraction schemes that best suits the document collection and the project's field of knowledge.

Label normalization

The next step is to optimize the level of assertiveness of the annotations, improving the possibilities of differentiation and identification of the labels used. We use terminology bases focused on each domain and field of knowledge. With semantic modelling, we enhance your vocabulary of terms.

Knowledge base

The last step organizes and places each document in thematic zones. Our knowledge bases suggest conceptual associations and recommend new tags.

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